SHOOTING SPORTS CAMP WILL BE HELD APRIL 2020. Check back for more Information.


The Shooting Sports Education Program began in Kentucky in 1988, mirroring the same program in Texas. The program grew rapidly where now it involves approximately 8,000 youth and 1300 volunteers statewide.
It is a program for all youth, 9 to18 years of age (4-H age). The program believes that:

  • Youth development is the number one goal of the Shooting Sports Education Program
  • It provides an effective tool for human growth and development for youth and adults
  • It is an introduction to the safe and responsible use of firearms and archery equipment which is a valuable life skill.
  • It trains youth to handle and shoot firearms safely. It teaches leadership and responsibility in a non-formal environment while offering fun activities for youth and adults. While competition is not the main focus, the program does offer opportunities to participate in shooting events, competing in various disciplines and age groups

Casey Co. Straight Shooters meet every Tuesday evening at 6:00pm at the Casey Co. Sportsmans Center during their season which runs from April through October.  If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact the Casey County Extension Office for more information.