SAFETY FIRST when it comes to home food preservation

If you would like your canner inspected to ensure your gaskets and seals and your dial gage is working properly, please call Debbie Shepherd at the Casey Co. Extension office or just stop by and drop your canner lid off and she will inspect it for FREE!  We believe in putting SAFETY FIRST when it comes to home food preservation and stress the importance of proper working equipment and materials.

Please click on the links below for helpful resources about food preservation.


Judging Preserved Foods

Recommended Food Storage Times


Safe Home Canning

Home Canning Basics

Canning Vegetables

Canning Tomatoes & Tomato Products

Canning Soups Stocks & Stews

Canning Salsa

Canning Pickled & Fermented Foods

Canning Jams, Jellies, Other Soft Spreads

Canning Meat, Poultry, Wild Game


Home Freezing Basics

Freezing Vegetables

Freezing Fresh Fruits


Drying Foods at Home

Jerky Safety