The APES Program is comprised of high school juniors and  seniors from Casey County High School ; the juniors are Youth Scholars, and the senior is a Junior Leader (students who participated in the state program in 2016). The 4-H APES program offers students an opportunity to hear from local businessmen and women about economics and various types of businesses. The students also have an opportunity to earn monetary rewards and attend the state program: the Kentucky Youth Seminar. During the program, students hear from local entrepreneurs and community members and tour several businesses. Presentations focus on different aspects of the economy and business. After each presentation, the studentsare given a 10 question quiz and the students who turned in their quiz the quickest with the most answers correct received a monetary reward; 1st place - $15, 2nd place - $10, 3rd place -$5. The students are given a total of 8 quizzes. A “jackpot” final, with additional monetary rewards, is also given covering all material presented throughout the program.

If you are interested in participating in the Casey Co. APES Program this year, please contact the Casey County Extension Office for more information.